Society of American Foresters

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Why Become a Member of SAF?

Wildlife biologists, restoration ecologists, forestry technicians, policy makers, urban foresters, research scientists, and foresters. The membership of the Society of American Foresters is as diverse as the professionals who are charged with managing our nation’s and the world’s natural resources for now and the future.

SAF is a 11,000-member community that has held true to its original objective to bring forestry and natural resources professionals together and keep them informed about the latest advances in forest science and management.

As a member of SAF, you have access to benefits that help you stay current with the latest science and connect with other professionals.

• At the SAF Career Center, you can search for jobs and post your resume.

• Working Groups provides opportunities for you to connect with other members in a particular field of interest.

• Internship programs help our student members get started on their career path.

• Local chapters hold monthly meetings that feature engaging scientific content, and state society annual meetings provide opportunities to learn more about statewide activities.

Why did Nat Walsh, a student at Central Oregon Community College, join SAF?

Nate Walsh, SAF student memberI mainly joined SAF to get my mind off the swirling world around me and focus on my future career options and to also take in the experience of professionals while I work on my AAS Forestry Resource Tech Science degree. During each chapter meeting I have attended, there is a guest who speaks about their profession and the details that impact the environments around them. I really enjoy these opportunities since I can ask them questions about where to start my career, how to find opportunities, and educate myself on their work beforehand! Going to these meetings keeps me motivated to do my absolute best with each homework, classwork, and lab assignment to succeed in my future to be just like these professionals.

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