Our 2022 seedling distribution is postponed due to extensive seedling mortality.

We have had a significant failure of our 2022 tree seedling crop at the local nursery that has been growing seedlings for our chapter the past 4 years. As a result of this failure, we are attempting to salvage the seedlings with promise.

We will be doing periodic maintenance on the live seedlings and looking for another greenhouse to grow out the 2022 seedlings to a mature-enough condition to, hopefully, do a very limited seedling distribution in August to early September.

2022 purchasers that do not receive seedlings this year will be given options to move all or a portion of their order to fill in 2023 or a full refund, if that is preferred. A separate notice will be sent to 2022 purchasers in the next few days to gather information on purchasers’ preferences. A decision will then be made to reconcile all orders based on the date orders were received and the limited number of seedlings that we expect to be available for distribution later this summer.

The extent of the failure was not fully known until a few weeks ago when the dormant seedlings were inspected. The seedlings were late in being transferred to the green house from cold storage. We first discovered an outbreak of a fungal disease with an estimated 10 to 20% loss, mostly in the pines. Additional mortality occurred later in the remainder of the seedlings. Consequently, our current estimate is that 90% of the 2022 crop is dead or will not survive to a mature-enough condition by the end of this growing season.

Work is underway to salvage the live seedlings and prepare to move them to another greenhouse facility. Over the next couple of months, we will attempt to grow out the most viable seedlings to a size that will allow them to be planted for a better survival rate. Again, a small seedling distribution may occur in August-early September.

Plans have already been made to continue our annual sale. Many of the issues, organizational budget cuts, issues with fungal infections and Covid-related challenges have prevented consistent numbers of mature tree seedlings being available for distribution from our Alaska source. That being said, earlier this year, the local SAF chapter located an out of state nursery to grow a 2023 seedling crop. Seed was provided to the nursery in March and is currently growing at the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribal Nursery in Ronan, MT.

In the next few days, all current 2022 purchasers will be receiving a separate email message containing a form listing the available options for their paid seeding orders.

Once we have tallied the 2022 purchasers’ responses, they will be contacted for resolution of their orders. We appreciate your understanding and patience in the interim

2022 SAF Order Form

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Seedling availability (4/18/2022)

SpeciesSeedlings Remaining
White spruceSOLD OUT
Colorado spruceSOLD OUT
Siberian larchSOLD OUT
Lodgepole pineSold OUT
Scotch pineSOLD OUT
Paper birchSOLD OUT

Please send all correspondence to treesalecisaf@gmail.com and check this webpage for seedling sale updates.

We are excited to continue our support to the Alaska Community Forestry Council in support of their Arbor Day Grants.  A portion of the proceeds from our sale has been donated to fund Arbor Day Grants around Alaska.  Please see the Alaska Community Forestry Council web page for more information on Alaska Arbor Day Grants http://forestry.alaska.gov/community/arbor-day-grants


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