SAF has 15 national awards, and Fellow and Presidential Field Forester awards that honors scientists, researchers, educators, innovators, leaders, communicators, field foresters, employers, local SAF units, and others who have made significant impact on forestry in the United States and internationally.

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Nominations for the 2022 awards cycle will open in January and are due March 15.

Presidential Field Forester Award

It is appropriate that SAF recognize those members of our profession who actively practice professional forestry in the field.  Practitioners are the true foundation of our profession. Practitioners often operate in nearly complete anonymity, yet their actions are the single most important contribution to the viability and understanding of our profession. This is where forestry truly happens and it is important that we recognize those who perform the art and science of forestry each and every day.

There are a large number of field foresters in District 1 (Alaska, Inland Empire and Washington State SAF) who should be recognized for their talent and accomplishments. These deserving individuals can be found in all regions of the U.S. Using SAF presidential prerogative, 11 members-one from each of the eleven SAF districts-will be selected by the District Board Representative to receive an outstanding field forester achievement award each year.

Selection Process

Due to regional differences in both application intensity and regulations affecting forestry operations, the award recipients will be selected on a regional basis. Using the existing organizational structure, each Council member will be asked to select and/or endorse an outstanding field forester from the District they represent. The Council person can use the state society chairs to nominate candidates and from those nominations select a nominee for recognition, or use any other process that would select a worthy candidate based on the selection criteria.

Selection Criteria

  • Must be a member of SAF
  • Must have practiced forestry for at least 15 years (I would consider 10 years)
  • Major portion of career must be in field application of forestry
  • Must be recognized locally or regionally by peers for excellence in field application of forestry
  • Understands the forest and uses science along with the adaptive management process to achieve landowner objectives and insure forest sustainability
  • Management intensity may range from very intensive applications to more extensive management regimes
  • May be from any employment sector

Nominations for District 1 (Alaska, Inland Empire and Washington State SAF) should be sent to to Chris Schnepf. Nominations for District 2 (Oregon SAF) should be sent to Mark Buckbee.


Individuals recognized for the Field Forester Achievement Award will be announced and recognized at the SAF National Convention during the awards ceremony. Recognition will consist of a plaque. There will be no support for the recipients to attend the convention to receive their award, but each would be encouraged to attend.

A short biographical sketch (with picture) along with the reasons for each recipient’s selection will accompany the award.

Timeline for Selection

Selection will be finalized and forwarded to the national office by June 15 along with each recipient’s biographical information and the nomination letter with reasons for selection. Recipients will be notified by July 1 to have adequate time to make plans to attend the convention for the ceremony.

2000 Steve Cafferata

2001 Tom Scoggins

2002 Tom Parke

2003 Gary Blanchard

2004 Steve Armitage

2005 Dan Newton

2006 Brian Schlaefli

2007 Tom Ortman

2008 Tash Shaheed

2009 Stu Otto

2010 Mark Gourley

2011 Bruno Meyer

2012 Blair Moody

2013 Dale Claassen

2014 Marc Vomocil

2015 David Cramsey

2016 Trixy Moser

2017 Jacob Gibbs 

2018 Jennifer E. Beathe

2019 Stephen J. Pilkerton

Fellow Award

The Fellow Award recognizes extraordinary contribution to forestry through 1) a strong continuing commitment through direct SAF volunteer activities; and 2) exemplary action and sustained leadership, and 3) advancement of the forestry profession in at least one of the following areas: a) application of forestry b) education c) public policy d) research or e) technology transfer. 

2019 District 1 Fellows Committee

Steve Ricketts, Member (2015-2019) and chair for 2019

Roger Burnside, Member (2016-2020)

Bill Berrigan, Member (2017-2021)

Nancy Peckman, Member (2018-2022)

Theresa Jain, Member (2019-2023)

Tom Hanson, ex-officio, District Board Member (2018-2020)

2021 District 2 Fellows Committee

Timothy R. Keith, Chair (2023) 

John Prendergast  (2025) 

Susan W. Bowers (2022) 

Robert W. Thomas, CF (2021) 

David W. Wells (2023) 

Mark Buckbee (2022) 


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