The North Puget Sound Chapter has over 40 members with a broad range of experience as students, consultants, forestry technicians, professional foresters, volunteers, and retirees in the forestry community.  Our members serve private lands from small to large ownership sizes, and local, state and federal public lands.  

We meet several times a year, usually in a dinner setting followed by a guest speaker presentation, and sometimes through Zoom or a field trip.  

Many North Puget Sound Chapter members volunteer in the community with the Washington Tree Farm Program, Whatcom Women in Timber Woods Tour, and outdoor youth education for K-12 students through the Walk in the Woods program and Glacier Peak Institute.

For information on upcoming meetings or how to join the North Puget Sound Chapter, send an email to northpugetSAF(at), or use the Contact Us form below.

Chair: Samantha Chang
Chair-elect: vacant
Treasurer: Will Miller
Programs: Samantha Chang
Tree Farm Program: Tom Westergreen

Cook Inlet Chapter Bylaws (PDF)

Climate Change Adaptation for Western Forests: 10 Common Questions – November 15, 2021


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