The OSAF Special Projects Grant Program financially assists OSAF chapters to meet the goals of SAF. Any projects that support and further the mission of SAF and OSAF are eligible for funding.

Project ideas

Project proposal could include but not limited to:

  • Public outreach and education. Examples include forestry field days, museum displays, Walk in the Forest activities, education programs for teachers, communications programs, or media relations programs (field tours, editorial board visits, and letter writing campaigns.)
  • Legislative events. Examples include legislative field tours, breakfasts, luncheons, or office visits by SAF members.
  • Local unit support. Examples include special professional development opportunities (guest speakers, joint organizational meetings), website development, membership recruitment/retention, or leadership/media training.


OSAF Special Project Funds Application (PDF)


Applications will be accepted 4 times per year, and are due February 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Applications can be made in amounts from $1 to $1500.


Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

  • Contributes toward the goals and mission of OSAF
  • Active member participation:
    • The project must be sponsored, supervised, or organized by a member, AND it must involve active participation of SAF members.
  • Communication plan:
    • There must be an appropriate communication plan to insure that there is a wider audience. This can include press releases, notification to members and other natural resource community, and publishing of the outcomes in the Western Forester or The Forestry Source.
  • Successful implementation:

The proposal must clearly convey to the review panel that the chapter has the capability and enthusiasm to complete the project. There must be a realistic timetable, budget, and methods necessary to ensure the projects successful implementation.

Project Completion

Once the project is completed a summary will be completed and submitted to the Oregon Foresters Fund Chair.  The summary could be as simple as a paragraph on the project and pictures are always desired.  The summary will be posted on the website.  All unused project dollars will be returned to the Special Projects Fund. 

Past Recipients

Over $5,000 of OSAF Special Projects Grants have been awarded to Oregon projects since 2010!  

YearChapter/OrganizationProject TitleApproved Amount
2019OSAFRaffle & Action Fundraiser brochures for Foresters’ Fund, Kurt Gottschalk Fund, and Special Projects Fund$800
2018OSAFRaffle & Action Fundraiser brochures for Foresters’ Fund, Kurt Gottschalk Fund, and Special Projects Fund$800
2017OSAFOSAF event display banner (PDF)$1500
2015OSAFHopkins Demonstration Forest- Science Inquire in the Woods (PDF)$1500
2014OSAFForest and Forestland Tax Issues for Oregon Family Landowners
–Tax Symposium Agenda
–Oregon Forest Tax Symposium Survey Findings (PDF)
–Oregon Committee for Family Forestlands Forest Tax Policy Ideas
2013Umpqua ChapterEarth Day Fair Tree Medallions (PDF)$285
2011OSAFWebsite maintenance updates$500
2010Oregon Natural Resource Education SAF Sub-fundStart up costs for fundraising for ONREF$500


Margaret Miller (miller(at) Oregon Forests’ Fund Chair, for more details and grant submissions.


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