Cover of Western Forester AprMayJune 2023

The urban and natural landscape is affected by changes driven by climate change, policy, disturbance, and people. How these changes appear on the landscapes will vary based upon the drivers of change and the management approach to mitigate these changes. The authors in this issue of the Western Forester explore what changes they are observing across the Pacific Northwest. The summer issue will highlight management strategies to manage these changes.

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Individual articles are accessible in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader)

  • Climate Change Impacts in the Pacific Northwest |PDF
  • Western Redcedar Dieback in the Pacific Northwest |PDF
  • The Changing Expectations of Recreation in Central Oregon |PDF
  • Changes Underway on the Kenai Peninsula |PDF
  • A Bird’s View of Landscape Changes in Western Oregon |PDF
  • Drivers of Change in the Urban Forest |PDF
  • The Forests of the Southern Blue Mountains-Then and Now |PDF
  • What a Changing Climate Means for Forests on Joint Base Lewis-McChord |PDF
  • Editor’s Note |PDF
  • Stories from the Woods |PDF
  • New Job? Moving? Retiring? |PDF
  • Policy Scorecard |PDF
  • We Remember |PDF

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