Cover of June/July/August 2016 Western Forester

In this issue of the Western Forester, our authors take a deep dive on the topic of “Forest Management in the Face of Drought.” Karen Ripley and Danny Norlander discusses the physiology of drought, while Matt Power highlights silvicultural strategies for reducing droughts impacts. Other topics include moisture dynamics in Interior Alaska and future management challenges of managing for drought.

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Individual articles are accessible in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader)

  • Annual Drought Effects Readily Visible |PDF
  • Defining and Monitoring Drought in the Pacific Northwest |PDF
  • Forest Management in the Face of Drought: Silvicultural Strategies for Reducing Drought Impacts |PDF
  • Forests, Droughts, and Water: Challenges for the Future |PDF
  • Managing Forests in the Face of Drought: Insects and Pathogens |PDF
  • Forest Production and the Importance of Moisture Dynamics in Interior Alaska |PDF
  • Drought Physiology: Water Relations at the Small Scale |PDF
  • Policy Scorecard |PDF
  • We Remember |PDF

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