Cover of November December 2015 Western Forester issue

What does the science say about how to manage riparian forests? What’s the role of policy and landowner goals? In the fall issue of the Western Forester, authors explore the theme of “Managing Riparian Forests” by highlighting the latest science, how other states are approaching riparian management, and viewing riparian areas from the watershed perspective.

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Individual articles are accessible in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader)

  • Managing Riparian Forests in the Pacific Northwest: An Ongoing Debate about How Much is Enough |PDF
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Response to Management in Riparian Areas of Pacific Northwest Working Forests |PDF
  • The Science of 50-foot Riparian Buffers in Headwaters |PDF
  • Streamside Management Rule—Idaho Experience |PDF
  • A Watershed View of Riparian Management |PDF
  • Raising the Bar in Riparian Forest Policy: Oregon Experience Shows High Stakes, High Theater, Low Vision |PDF
  • Riparian Restoration: Lessons from the Field |PDF
  • Shared Forestry Decisions: A Family Forest Perspective |PDF
  • Policy Scorecard |PDF

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