Cover of Oct/Nov/Dec 2022 issue of the Western Forester

What does the future hold for wildfire in the Pacific Northwest? That’s the theme the authors explore in the fall issue of the Western Forester through many different lenses, from education to restoration after wildfire, and creating resilient communities through the Community Wildfire Defense Grant.

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Individual articles are accessible in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader)

  • The Future is with Wildfire |PDF
  • A Future of More Wildfires in Alaska |PDF
  • Reforestation after High-Severity Wildfire |PDF
  • How is Wildfire Affecting Wildlife Habitat |PDF
  • Adapting to Wildfire Through Education |PDF
  • Navigating the Trauma of Wildfire |PDF
  • Protecting Communities in a New Wildfire Reality |PDF
  • How Oregon is Implementing the Community Wildfire Defense Grant |PDF
  • An Update on the Kenai Peninsula Fuel Break |PDF
  • Editor’s Note |PDF
  • A Year of Washington Forestry |PDF
  • A Successful Northwest Active Management Tour |PDF
  • Nominations for 2023 State Awards are Sought |PDF
  • Policy Scorecard |PDF
  • We Remember |PDF

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