Non-wood Provisioning Services from Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems

Pine nuts, mushrooms, and woodland pastures are just a few examples of the  nontimber forest products that are increasingly part of the bioeconomy—an economic model that embraces forests as a source of food while prioritizing biodiversity and sustainability. Dr. Sven Mutke will discuss Mediterranean forest ecosystems and the goods they provide in his presentation “Non-wood […]

Umpqua SAF Chapter Meeting – Successful Applications of Disease Resistance Breeding in 5-Needle Pines and POC

Abbys Pizza Annex Building 1661 NE Stephens Street, Roseburg, OR, United States

Dr. Richard Sniezko has been the lead Geneticist at Dorena for over 30 years. During those years he has led multiple successful disease resistance breeding programs and developed strategies for the successful “outplanting” of these resistant trees back into the natural environment. Richard will also talk about the current program to collect Oregon Ash seed […]


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