The Chapter annual award is given to an Oregon chapter that has achieved the most in membership, service to members, community service, management of chapter including meetings and programs, and in policy and legislative matters in the preceding year. In making the award, due consideration will be given to the size of the chapter.


The purpose of the award is to give recognition of outstanding accomplishment and hopefully provide an incentive to all chapters to improve their management and work in their community.


The award will be based on accomplishment in a calendar year and thus under one set of officers.

A rating system will be used to provide a method of rating that is simple, easily understood and takes into account all pertinent factors. It has five main categories with a possible 20 points for each, for a total of 100 possible points. The five main categories follow:

  • Membership: Program for getting new members, members acquired during the year, and overall accomplishment in relation to potential members.
  • Service to Members: Nomination for awards, employment help, CE programs, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Community Service: Projects to assist youth and others, participation in community activities, other projects.
  • Chapter Management: Nominations and elections, effective committee meetings including notices, programs, etc., publicity material to Northwest Office, newsletters.
  • Policy and Legislation: Resolutions originated, study of issues, assistance on state resolutions including follow up, programs on critical issues in locality or state.

The award will be a permanent plaque to be awarded at convention time properly engraved and be passed from one winner to the next plus an annual plaque that the winning chapter keeps.

Each chapter will submit an annual report covering the judging points with accompanied material such as newspaper clippings, newsletters, copies of programs or correspondence, etc. Chapters will follow the form for reporting. Report will be submitted by February 1 for the preceding year.

The State Society Awards Committee will serve as judges for the award. Award will be based on report in #4 above with other material attached plus knowledge of officers.

Expected Results of Award Program

Chapters will plan and accomplish their work with more definite goals and a high desire to win award.

The criteria for the award will provide a checklist for chapter officers in planning their year’s activities and a current reminder of things they should be working on.

Chapters will acquire a real sense of pride in what they are doing and a strong incentive to do more.

As activity of chapters picks up and achievements increased, membership of chapters will increase and recognition of SAF will increase in local communities and throughout the state.

OSAF Chapter Achievement Award Rating Form

The OSAF Chapter Achievement Award form below is provided to assist you in preparing your entry for the Chapter Achievement Award.

Actually, it will do three things. It will help you organize your presentation according to the rating criteria used by the Awards Committee in judging your entry. It will help you to be complete by not overlooking anything. And it will also insure that the Awards Committee does not overlook important accomplishments of your Chapter.

The intent is that one or two words will indicate whether an activity was performed. The Committee will be able to properly apply points to that activity by referring to the portion of your notebook that describes and documents your achievements.

Use the form as an index, an abstract, or a combination; whatever is appropriate to emphasize your Chapter achievements for the year.

Keep it short. No more than two or three words in each achievement criteria. Examples: “No”; “Yes”; “nine newsletters”; “1 seminar”; “1 workshop”; “average 37 percent attendance”; “chapter goals prepared”; etc. Use your notebook to elaborate and illustrate.

Please contact the Awards Committee with any questions or suggestions.

CategorySample Rating CriteriaPoints (0-5)
MembershipProgram for recruiting
Number of new recruited
Overall accomplishment relative to potential
Service to MembersNomination of members for Society awards
Help members find employment
Programs for members in continuing education
Seminars, workshops, etc.?
Chapter ManagementNominations and election of officers
Effective committee meetings notices, programs, etc.
Publicity efforts
Policy and LegislationResolutions originated
Study of issue
Assistance on state resolutions (including follow-up)
Programs on critical issues in locality or state
Total Number of Points

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